• Balega - Blister Resist Crew
  • Balega - Blister Resist Crew
  • Balega - Blister Resist Crew
Balega - Blister Resist Crew
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Balega - Blister Resist Crew

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    Creating the perfect anti-blister running socks requires the perfect blend between nature and technology.

    Natural mohair with its unique flat scale structure is renowned for its protection against sheer friction blisters even with the most sensitive skin.

    It also boasts incredible tensile strength and, when combined with our signature Drynamix " moisture wicking fiber provides a super-soft touch to the skin. Balega'''s Blister Resist anti-blister running socks integrates seamless constructed fit technology knitted with the revolutionary Dry-Mo for the ultimate protection against sheer friction blisters.

    Why use mohair in anti-blister performance running socks?

    GREAT INSULATION CAPACITY - Mohair'''s hollow fiber structure allows for superior temperature regulation; keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
    DURABILITY - Mohair is one of the most durable natural performance fibers and can be twisted or bent without damaging the fiber.
    COMFORT - With its unique scale structure, the smooth fibers and natural sheen greatly reduce irritation on the skin even for wearers who are sensitive to other wools. Mohair is a trusted fiber for diabetics.
    STRENGTH - Mohair is stronger than steel of the same diameter.
    SHRINK RESISTANT - Mohair fibers do not felt and are much more resistant to shrinking than wool.
    ELASTICITY - Mohair can stretch an average of 30% over its length and will recoil back into shape. Because of the fiber'''s natural elasticity, garments made of mohair resist wrinkling, stretching or sagging.
    MOISTURE MANAGEMENT - Combined with Balega'''s trademark Drynamix " , mohair is twisted to create DRY-MO. A unique moisture management solution that creates the ultimate anti blister, moisture-wicking performance running sock and that ensures dry feet.
    ANTIMICROBIAL - Mohair will naturally prevent the growth of bacteria making it an excellent fiber to make something like SOCKS!


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