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  • 60 Pieces Mezical Fiber
  • 60 Pieces Mezical Fiber
  • 60 Pieces Mezical Fiber
60 Pieces Mezical Fiber
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60 Pieces Mezical Fiber

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    A super hit double-eyelid makeup kit with the use of super-fine stretchable fibers (self adhesive). With long lasting and waterproof performance. Good comments worldwide! This is now in 2nd generation with improvement.


    How to use:

    Step 1 Cleanse eyelids to remove all oil, dirt, and makeup. Mezical Fibers must be applied directly to clean natural skin.

    Step 2 Create the desired crease on your upper eyelid using the tip of the shaping stick and gently apply pressure along the line.

    Step 3 Tightly hold the black end, grab the tip of the orange sheet with your thumb and index finger, and peel back pulling outward, away from the surface.

    Step 4 1. Start at the inner corner of your eyes, moving to the outer corner.

                2. Press down firmly, allowing the fibers to wedge deeply into the desired crease line and work towards the outer corner of your eyes.

    Step 5 Cut off excess ends with scissors. Press down both ends with fingers. How to remove Use cleanser and/or eye makeup remover to remove.


    To make a more visible double eyelid. Give you a lift up effect. So it's recommended to you who has a sagging eyelid. You could cover it with makeup.

    How to remove:
    Use cleanser and/or eye makeup remover to remove.



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