Produk dan harga yang ditampilkan saat ini berdasarkan LOTTE Mart LOTTE Mart representatif

Produk dan harga
yang ditampilkan saat ini
didasarkan pada
LOTTE Mart representatif

Gratis Ongkir
Untuk pengiriman Flash Delivery (menggunakan sepeda motor), masukkan alamat pengiriman kamu. Saat ini Flash Delivery hanya dapat melayani radius 10km dari LOTTE Mart tertentu di Jakarta & Bintaro.

Silahkan lengkapi alamat pengiriman untuk memilih Lotte Mart

  • Propinsi

  • Kota

  • Kecamatan

  • Kelurahan

Silakan hubungi kami untuk informasi lebih rinci mengenai pengiriman. Jam operasional 08.00-17.00 WIB pada hari kerja.

Special Features

  • iStyle Desk You can pick-up your purchase in iStyle Desk that are located in LOTTE Shopping Avenue and certain LOTTE Mart in Jabodetabek. (Click here for the list of available iStyle Desk location)
  • Locker (PopBox) Your can pick-up your purchase at your prefered locker. Currently this service is only for product from our warehouse and authorized partner. (Check product details)
  • Flash Delivery You can choose Flash Delivery option to get your purchased goods in three hours since you put your order.
  • Plan Delivery You can set the schedule of your delivery exclusively for your LOTTE Mart purchase.
  • Repeat Delivery You can schedule the payment and delivery date of goods exclusivelly from LOTTE Mart periodically
  • Gift You can buy a gift and send directly to their loved one

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