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  • 100 Pieces Double Eyelid Tape
100 Pieces Double Eyelid Tape
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100 Pieces Double Eyelid Tape

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    A double-sided eyelid tape. Contains 100 pcs of it.

    To make a double eyelid even for you who has stubborn single eyelid which is unable to make crease line.

    *Epicanthus : It’s the skin fold of your upper eyelid that covers 
    your eyes inner edge angle.

    How to Use:
    You can watch the tutorial by click here

    (R) marked on the sheet is for right eye,
    (L) marked on the sheet is for left eye


    1. 1. Cleanse eyelids to remove all oil, dirt, and makeup. Tape must be applied directly to clean skin.
    2. 2. Create the desired crease line on your upper eyelid using the tip of the shaping stick and gently apply pressure along the line.
    3. 3. Remove green film from sheet. When removing, make sure the double-sided tape stays with the film.
    4. 4. Adhere tape under the desired crease line. You can adjust the position and angle of the double eye tape to achieve your desired fold.
    5. 5. Start from the pre-cut diagonal line in the center of the film, and peel off the green film. Pinch the pre-cut line in the center of the film then peel off the entire film.
    6. 6. Gently apply pressure along the desired crease with shaping stick, and slowly open eyes. Press the top and bottom of the crease towards each other to blend tape along eyelid.




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